We have searched high and low to bring you unique products to solve your restroom problems and maintain a clean and sanitary environment.  We always have you, our customer, in mind when we come across innovative solutions that will help you with the day to day maintenance and safety of your commercial restroom.  We know you want to keep your customers, employees and custodial staff safe so we have hand selected several products that have changed the commercial bathroom world.  Read more about each of the products below.


SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle


This door handle allows for the opening of a public restroom door by using a closed fist or forearm avoiding germs that are found on a traditional door handle.  Great for restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, universities, museums, schools, etc.  It has a SaniGuard antimicrobial finish that germs can not live on.


Sani-Hani Anitmicrobial Toilet Seat Lifter


Brand new to the market!  This antimicrobial toilet seat lifter is an innovative way to stop the spread of germs.  Using this handle to lift the toilet seat lid allows your patrons to hygienically lift the toilet seat and put it back down without transferring germs.  It's a great product for commercial or residential use!


Sanitary Door Opener

Sanitary Door Opener

Here is another option to avoid touching the restroom door handle.  This low profile design wrist pull, allows your customer to open the exit door with their wrist or arm eliminating the worry of germ transference from the dirtiest part of the bathroom: the door handle!


StepNpull Foot Operated Door Opener


This foot operated door opener works on any latch-less commercial door.  It eliminates the spread of germs, prevents cross-contamination, reduces costs.  Increase accessibility in your facility.


StallMATE Restroom Mobile Phone Holder


This is an ADA compliant cell phone holder and bathroom stall door latch.  StallMATE has been successful at solving your customer's #1 bathroom problem: dropping their phone in the toilet!  You will save your customers hundreds of dollars and they will thank you for such attention to detail!