Sanitary Door Opener - SDO-612



Hands Free Sanitary Door Opener.  Easy Wrist Pull Door Opener.  Comes In Set Of Two (One For Men's Room And One For Women's Room) With Instruction Stickers.  Sturdy Construction.

Clean Hands Sanitary Door Openers provide a safe, clean, sanitary way for your customers to exit a restroom. The person places his or her forearm in the Opener and pulls,  As the door swings open, the arm is naturally released.  The hands never touch anything and remain Clean, Fresh and Sanitary.  The Openers mount above the existing door handle.   


  • Hands-Free
  • Allows door to be opened with forearm
  • Keeps hands clean, fresh and sanitary
  • Reduces paper towel usage and clutter
  • Gives customers and users sanitary assurance
  • Great for use with hand dryers

Easy Installation:

  • Installs above existing door handle
  • Reversible for either right or left hand doors
  • Designed for "pull open" exit doors
  • Suitable for installation on all solid core doors and on metal and  fire rated doors if through bolts (not provided) are used for attachment

Product Specifications:

  • Smooth rounded bends
  • No-rust aluminum construction
  • Tough anodized coating
  • Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 4 3/8 inch projection
  • Each set includes: 
    • two openers (one each for Men's and Ladies' Restrooms),
    • two adhesive-backed stickers,
    • stainless steel mounting screws and
    • instructions
  • Patented product


  • No risk of one's arm getting caught in Opener, even when door is  pushed open suddenly and forcefully from the other side. With the Clean  Hands® design, one's arm is naturally released as the door swings open.
  • No need to stand behind door and balance on one foot while trying to open the door with other foot

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