Please send us an email at answering the below questions to obtain a quote for your project. Should you need further assistance, please call us 650.731.5867.

1. Please provide project name and location. Will you need a quote on installing the material or do you plan to do the installation yourself?

2. Do you have architectural drawings?
a. If yes, please attach them to your email 
b. If no, can you have an engineer draw a current layout of the restroom?

3. What type of material do you need? We offer the following:
a. Phenolic 
b. Plastic Laminate
c. Powder Coated Steel
d. Solid Plastic
e. Stainless Steel
(please reference our video 'Partition Material' under our Resources menu for a description of materials) 

4. What style are you looking for? We offer the following:
a. Ceiling Hung 
b. Floor to Ceiling
c. Floor Mounted with an Overhead Rail
d. Floor Supported

5. If you choose to do the installation yourself, please provide an address that you would like the materials drop shipped to. (Shipping details will be given)