There are many common names to describe the stalls that we encounter in commercial restrooms/bathrooms. A more common term is toilet partitions and the pieces attached the the partitions are referred to as toilet partition hardware. The partitions surround the actual toilet allowing for privacy. The hardware makes all the pieces work together.

We carry many different hardware manufacturer's products as well as after market products. After market hardware allows for more flexibility in replacement pieces on your current partition systems.

Toilet partition hardware refers to the door latches, hinges, brackets, supports, headrails and fasteners. You may hear the term restroom accessories or bathroom accessories. This refers to items not associated with the structure of the partition. Some examples of accessories would be toilet paper and toilet seat holders, waste receptacles, hand dryers, paper towel holders, door signs, soap dispensers and faucets.

Below is a list of the hardware and accessory manufacturers that we carry. If you have any questions on the parts and pieces associated with toilet partitions, feel free to email us -

Accu Tec Manufacturing
Accurate Partitions
All American Metal
American Sanitary
American Specialties, Inc. (ASI)
Atlanta Sunbelt Products
Bradley Corp.
Columbia Partitions
Comres Manufacturing
Fiat Products
Flush Metal Partitions
General Partitions
Koala Kare