We are here to help! We are the experts in all things ADA (American with Disabilities Act) requirements.  We have detailed some pertinent information below as it relates to ADA handicap stalls and ambulatory stalls.  ADA requirements and information can be very detailed and complex.  Below we give some of the most popular information, however if you have specific questions or are wondering about a certain law, contact us - customerservice@tphsupply.com or call 650.731.5867.  We work directly with architects, specifiers and contractors.


HANDICAP STALLS - Side Entrance (Alcove) Handicap and Front Entrance ADA Handicap Compartment

On a Side Entrance (Alcove) Handicap Compartment,  ADA requires that you need 60" Wide Clear, as also needed on a Front Entrance Handicap Compartment.  On a Front Entrance Handicap Compartment, you need 48" from the very edge of the toilet to the back of the Handicap Compartment door.  On a Side Entrance Handicap Compartment, ADA requires 60" from the very edge of the toilet to whatever is in front of the toilet.



If there are 6 compartments, or a combination of compartments and urinals are provided, an Ambulatory Accessible Compartment must be provided also.