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We provide any and all commercial and public restroom partition hardware, parts, and accessories you may need. If you can't find it, we can help! Send us an email or call us to let us know what you are looking for.

For all of our local customers in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas we provide the service of repairs and the installation and the replacement of all hardware, replacement panels, pilasters and doors for all toilet compartment manufacturers.

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We ship material nationwide!

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Privacy Cover Strip Kits

Offers Privacy Eliminates gaps between partition panels and doors for increased privacy

Can Be Used With Any Partition Clear adhesive back blends with all partition colors and materials

One Size Fits All 1 Set includes two 2-1/8" x 58" pieces that will fit restroom doors of all sizes

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Broken Latch? Use a Fix-It-Kit

Replace Broken Latches

Cover Holes In Bathroom Partition Doors

Works With All Manufacturer's Restroom Stall Doors

Fix-It-Kits are an easy and simple fix to converting a concealed latch to a slide latch operation as well as repairing holes from coat hooks. We have a large selection of both inswing and outswing kits. You will need to know if your partitions have round or square edges to order the correct kit. An easy installation guide is included with each kit. Your partition doors will be fixed in no time!

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Pilaster Support Brackets - How They Can Help

What They Do?
Pilaster support brackets are used to stiffen the bottom of bathroom panels and keep them from swaying. This is a cost effective way to keep your partitions in place.

Are They Adjustable?
Each support bracket can be adjusted based on your need. We have brackets with an adjustable height from 3" to 12-1/2" and from 11-1/2" to 14".

Different Bracket Styles?
We have 2 types of support brackets. One style that can only be used for floor mounted partition systems and one style that can be used with both floor mounted and ceiling hung systems. Both can be used with all types of partition materials.

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