New Product! Clean Getaway Hands Free Door Opener

Introducing our new hands free door opener.  It is a cost effective way to keep your customers, staff and visitors safe.  The Clean Getaway opener offers a fast installation at a cost effective price.  You can put this door opener virtually anywhere, not just on restroom doors.  Fantastic for high traffic installations.  

This opener allows the customer to use their forearm to open the restroom door.  Never having to touch the door or handle with their hands.  Keeping their freshly washed hands germ free.  This door opener is mounted at mid-door height making it easy for all users.  It has thoughtfully been created at an angle to allow for a quick slip release to prevent injury.

This door opener is perfect for offices, restaurants, schools, home, kitchens, and all restrooms.  It comes with fasteners and instruction stickers.  Contact us today to ask about the bulk discount we offer on this door opener.  Email us or click on the livechat pop up.

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