ADA Compliant Combination Units - New Rule!

We are now offering combination units that comply with the new ADA rule!  Follow us to be sure you have the most up to date information.

The new rule states that a restroom accessory can not be mounted under a grab bar in an ADA compartment.  A distance of 1-1/2" from the back of the grab bar to the wall must be maintained.  If you have an accessory behind the grab bar you will not be able to comply with this new rule and maintain a 1-1/2" clearance.  As many combination units (combo of seat cover, toilet tissue dispenser and waste receptacle) now do not comply with the ADA law, we are offering the first compliant combination unit.  American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) has acted quickly and manufactured the ASI-0487-L and the ASI-0487-R.  This new combination unit mounts below the grab bar.  Click here for new combination unit options. Questions?  Please contact us for details.

We stay on top of new rules and provide any new products that correspond to the rules.  Check back frequently for updates!  We want to make sure our customers always stay informed!