Sani-Hani Anitmicrobial Toilet Seat Lifter - SH-612



With This Antimicrobial Toilet Seat Lifter, You Will Never Need To Touch A Toilet Seat Again.  The Sani-Hani Offers A Healthy And Sanitary Alternative To Prevent The Spread of Volatile Microbes Throughout Your Facility.  From Customers To Visitors To Employees And Custodial Staff, Everyone wins!



  • Ergonomic Design Allows For Easy Lifting And Lovering Of Seat
  • Angles Away From The Seat And Not Interfering With A Seated Position
  • 24-Degree Downward Angle Helps To Prevent Bodily Fluids From Splashing On To It And Puddling From Urine Hitting The Toilet Seat


  • Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • 3mm Thick
  • Withstands Minimum 10lbs+ PSI Downward Pressure


  • High Glass White
  • ABS Thermoplastic Polymer

Antimicrobial Technology

  • Immediately Begins To Inhibit/Kill The Growth Of Any Volatile Microbes That Come In Contact With The Sani-Hani
  • Industrial Antimicrobial Agent Added During Manufacturing Process Infusing Product With Lasting Protection

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