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Strikes and keepers work together with the door latch to keep the partition door closed while occupied. A keeper is a metal latch plate that the door latch secures into and a strike is a rubber bumper that controls door closure for latch to be inserted into keeper.

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Extruded Aluminum Bright Dipped Outswing Stop and keeper 9517 Chrome Plated Zamac Inswing Door Strike for Slide Latch 1516 Chrome Plated Zamac Inswing Strike 1518
Aluminum Extrusion Stop and Keeper 5526 Chrome Plated Zamac Inswing Or Outswing Door Strike 1517 Chrome Plated Zamac Stop and keeper 1551
Chrome Plated Zamac Stop and keeper 1557 Toilet Compartment Chrome Plated Outswing Stop and Keeper 1597 Chrome Plate Strike and Keeper In Or Outswing Half Height 1559
Chrome Plated Zamac Stop and Keeper 1558 Toilet Stall Chrome Plated Inswing Stop and Keeper 1598 Stamped Stainless Steel Strike and Keeper 0655