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Door latches secure the partition door to the pilaster while the restroom is occupied. There are a variety of latches that can be used depending on your partition system and chosen aesthetic.

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Chrome Plated Non-ADA Concealed Latch Assembly For Global Partitions Powder Coated Or SS Partition Doors 1614 Chrome Plated ADA Concealed latch Assembly With Center Screw 116350 Chrome Plated  ADA Concealed Latch Assembly For Global Mfg Powder Coated and SS Partition Doors 1615
Partition Door Stamped SS Surface Mount Slide Latch 0630 Bathroom Partition Door Chrome Plated Surface Mounted Diamond Shaped Bathroom Slide Latch 1502 Bathroom Partition Chrome Plated Zamac Offset Bar Slide Latch 1503
Chrome Plated Concealed Latch Assembly 1608 Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Latch 1505 Bathroom Partition Chrome Plated 3-12 inch   Hole Centers Surface Mount Offset Bar Slide Latch 1506
Bathroom PartitionClear Anodized Alum 3-12feet Center Holes Surface Mount Slide Latch angled Bar 9498 Restroom Stall Chrome Plated Non-ADA Concealed Latch Assembly WBar 1509 Chrome Plated Concealed  Toilet Latch Assembly Fiat Mfg 1519