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Get your bathroom partition door hardware such as hinges, latches, hooks, strikes and keepers here. If you don't find what you are looking for give us a call and experience our excellent customer service.

  • Door Hardware Kits

    Door hardware kits have everything you need to install a bathroom partition door. Kits typically include a slide latch, top and bottom hinges, strike and keeper, top and bottom door inserts and hinge pin. For both inswing and outswing dooors.

  • Door Hooks and Door Stops

    Door hooks have a bumper that is secured on the inside of a partition door that customer can hang their personal items on. The bumper prevents the hook from damaging the partition wall. Door stops are s
    ecured to the bottom of a partition door to prevent damage to the partition or walls upon opening/closing the partition door.

  • Door Inserts

    Door inserts are used to fasten the hinges to the partition door.

  • Door Pulls

    Door pulls are used on outswing doors in handicap stalls and are an ADA requirement.

  • Hinges and Hinge Parts

    Door hinges fasten the partition door to the pilaster allowing the door to swing open while the pilaster stays in place. Hinge parts may include cams and pintles which allows the door to rise when opened and self close by gravity. Pins will allow the partition door to open and close.

  • Latches

    Door latches secure the partition door to the pilaster while the restroom is occupied. There are a variety of latches that can be used depending on your partition system and chosen aesthetic.

  • Restroom Stall Occupancy Indicator

    Door occupancy indicators secure the partition door to the pilaster while the restroom is occupied while indicating on the outside of the bathroom stall door that the restroom is in use.

  • Strikes and Keepers

    Strikes and keepers work together with the door latch to keep the partition door closed while occupied. A keeper is a metal latch plate that the door latch secures into and a strike is a rubber bumper that controls door closure for latch to be inserted into keeper.

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Chrome Plated Zamac Partition Door Insert 1245 Steel Top Hinge Pin For Baked Enamel Partition Doors 59858 Knurled Steel Top Hinge Pin 59861
Steel Hinge Pin For Baked Enamel Partition Doors 59863 Female Nylon Cam 58 inch   69818 Cam for Baked Enamel Partition Doors 69828
Restroom Stall Door Knurled Plastic Top Hinge Pin 69871 Extruded Aluminum Bright Dipped Outswing Stop and keeper 9517 Round Cam For Baked Enamel Partition Doors 69824
Round Cam For Baked Enamel Partition Doors 69827 58 inch   Diameter Pintle For Knickerbocker Bottom Hinge 69727 Bathroom Partition Door Stainless Steel Single Coat Hook 0651